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Artist Jeffery Beckerleg was born in Sacramento and started working in construction at the age of 18. After serving four years in the U.S. Airforce, he resumed his construction and it was during a remodel of a customer's home that Jeffery had his first look at stained glass, became inspired and a seed was planted. He took a beginner's stained glass class, and has self-taught since. He opened his first stained glass studio in Castro Valley, California 1980 where he worked on consignments and taught classes. He also taught stained glass at the Adobe Art Center in Castro Valley for 12 years.

The Artist resides in Georgetown, California where he continues to work in his art studio His inspirations come from color and shape, and it is with the shapes that he begins his projects. Incorporating recylced mirror and copper into his fused and stained glass creations assures that no two pieces are alike. While many of his sketches are filed away, it is reaching back in these old files in which many of his new inspirations for artwork are created.

The Artist's subjects are very diverse including: horses, antique airplanes and dump trucks. Many other pieces are the Artist's abstract designs. Another favorite subject of his are flowers: poppies, sunflowers, roses and irises to name a few. In each of them the light shines through the transparencies and translucent glass, revealing the spectacular jewel-like colors.

The artist enjoys working with a variety of materials such as metal in mixed-media art forms. His newest interest includes Bronze.

Aside from many of his custom designed stained glass windows being displayed in many homes and businesses in the Bay Area, his stained glass work is also displayed in the Hayward Recreation Office (main office), in Hayward, California. His newest Metal Wall Art form hangs in the new office of Dr. Dan Sewell in the Vista Complete Medical Clinic in Auburn, California. His art can also be seen at: Art on the Divide 6295 Main Street Georgetown, California 95634 (530)333-ARTS, The River Store 1032 Lotus Road Lotus, California (530)662-3435.

The Artist resides in Georgetown, California where he continues to work on art projects. Classes are currently ongoing. For more information, please call: (530)334-0075.